Daniel Večl from Czechia visited TPS

Daniel Večl from Czechia visited TPS

TPS U16 -team got a visitor from Czechia, when Czechia U19 -national team player Daniel Večl visited Turku for a few weeks. Daniel and TPS found each other throughout the Mestareiden Cup.

-I was playing in a Mestareiden Cup with my team when someone from TPS talked to me and my coach and asked if I would like to train with TPS. I didn’t hesitate at all because I have always dreamed of playing in Finland.

Večl mostly trained with U16 -team, but he also visited men’s team.

-Boys accepted me to the team really well. There are really talented players at it surprised me a little bit! I love the way how TPS plays as a team. I was here only for a few weeks, but I saw the skill level that TPS has! My time here was better than I expected. I also visited the men’s team and I think it went pretty well. I have watched videos about TPS players and now I was training with them so it was pretty cool!

Daniel celebrated gold in Mestareiden Cup 2023 and he was also an MVP, but he wants to focus on the team effort.

-Yeah I won an MVP-award, but I want to focus to my team, Sparta Praha. We played really well as a team and turned 4-1 loss to a victory. Mestareiden Cup is really good tournament so it took a team effort to win it! It would recommend Mestareiden Cup to everyone!

Večl thinks there is a high possibility that he can be seen in TPS jersey.

-If everything goes as planned I will play the next season in TPS! I would recommend TPS to everyone. No matter if you are from Czechia, Sweden, Finland or any other country!